Frequently Asked Questions

The VIBF provides Kiwis with the ability to invest in Bitcoin in a simple, smart and trusted way. The VIBF invests in funds (ETFs and Trusts) listed on overseas sharemarkets that hold Bitcoin. 

Investing in Bitcoin through The Vault International Bitcoin Fund is:

  • Simple: You buy a unit in a PIE fund (not Bitcoin directly),
  • Smart: you invest in a tax efficient structure, and
  • Trusted: you invest in a regulated investment product – a managed investment scheme.

In addition, investing in Bitcoin through The Vault International Bitcoin Fund is:

  • Easier than holding Bitcoin directly - when you buy and hold Bitcoin directly you need to make your own custody or safekeeping arrangements. When buying units in the VIBF Bitcoin custody is managed within the underlying fund investments.
  • Taxed under the Fair Dividend Rate ("FDR") regime - this is achieved by investing in one or more offshore domiciled funds listed on foreign share markets.

  • Professionally managed - the VIBF investment manager, Vault, is responsible for identifying underlying assets that best achieve VIBF's investment strategy. Vault monitors the ability of the underlying assets to continue to achieve VIBF's investment strategy over time and considers whether any other assets might be preferable. This includes selecting and managing the portfolio of underlying funds.

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