Vault Digital Funds




“My main concern with investing in bitcoin has been the complexity of storage. I understand leaving bitcoin on an exchange is not safe, but I don’t want to store it myself and end up losing the passwords. Buying a fund to get the same bitcoin exposure without the effort certainly works for me.”



“This product is great. It really changed my mind about investing in Bitcoin. I was concerned and confused about having to store bitcoin myself. But Vault takes away all that hassle. It also has the added benefit of being more tax efficient.”



“I have been watching Bitcoin with intrigue for a few years now as I have watched its value climb. What intimidated me about it though was how to buy and store it. When I learned about VIBF it was a no brainer. The Fund buys the Bitcoin exposure for me. The Bitcoin is secured in institutional custody. And if I need to sell it at any time it is quick and with no Capital Gains Tax. The way I see it is I get all the upsides of Bitcoin with none of the downsides.”



“I’m a relative beginner in terms of investing and definitely no expert when it comes to looking after crypto. I had some fear around the security of my investment, so the thought of handing over responsibility for this to an experienced fund manager made me feel much more relaxed. The tax benefits are a big incentive and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds!”

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