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Investing with Vault Digital Funds is the simple, smart and trusted way for Kiwis to invest in digital assets like Bitcoin - providing you with easy exposure to this dynamic and exciting new digital asset class.

Vault Digital Funds Limited Was Founded in 2021

The Vault International Bitcoin Fund is available now on:

About Vault Digital Funds New Zealand
Vault NZ - Simple Way to Invest in Digital Assets


Investors buy a unit in a PIE fund (not Bitcoin directly). Investors can gain exposure to digital assets investing without the challenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping digital currencies directly.


The Vault International Bitcoin Fund is a Multi-rate Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) that will be taxed in accordance with the Fair Dividend Rate method. Given the PIE fund will own fund(s) listed on an offshore exchange, the underlying investment will be treated as a global equity for tax purposes.

In effect, this means you will pay no capital gains tax on any gains made on the VIBF. There will be an annual “deemed” dividend of 5% per annum, and investors would pay a maximum of 28% of tax on that 5% dividend, so an effective maximum tax rate of 1.4%pa.

Vault New Zealand - Smart Way to Invest in Bitcoin
Vault Digital Funds - Trusted PIE Fund Investment Manager


Vault has worked with FundRock NZ Limited, who are the issuer and manager of VIBF, to build a PIE investment fund that operates within New Zealand’s regulatory frameworks.

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