Investopedia – Do Advisers Have a Fiduciary Responsibility to Offer Bitcoin?

Published June 26, 2024


The emergence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as mainstream investment options has brought with it a new dimension of fiduciary duty for financial advisors. With the regulatory environment still developing and the high volatility of cryptocurrencies, advisors are tasked with a formidable challenge. 

Recommending Bitcoin to clients may be a step too far for many financial advisors, yet by ignoring the asset class entirely, they leave their clients to tackle the complexities of Bitcoin investing alone.

As noted in the article, “Clients are Purchasing Bitcoin While Waiting for Advisors”, and this is a risky proposition for many investors. 

By providing informed, strategic advice on cryptocurrency investments, advisors can protect their clients from potential pitfalls while positioning them to capitalise on the opportunities that Bitcoin may offer. 

This proactive approach not only aligns with the advisors’ fiduciary responsibilities but also marks a commitment to adapting to the evolving financial landscape, ensuring that their clients’ investments are both safe and potentially lucrative.

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Vault Digital Funds Limited is not an authorised Financial Advisor. This is a highly speculative investment. Bitcoin is a highly volatile asset. This means the VIBF will not be appropriate for all investors. You should read the disclosure material before investing. You should also seek advice from an independent financial adviser to help you make investment decisions.

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