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Managed funds are investment products that offer you the freedom to invest in various assets.

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What Are Managed Funds?

Managed Funds are a ‘registered managed investment scheme’ – a kind of unit trust. With managed funds, investors’ money is pooled together and the investment manager uses it to buy and manage them on behalf of all the investors within the fund. With the pooling funds, investors have a wider choice of investment opportunities that are not accessible if they invest directly in an asset.

With a unit trust, once you invest in a managed fund, you assign units proportionate to the amount of money you have invested. Managed funds are open-ended, which means new units are continuously created as investors join the fund, while units are cancelled once investors redeem the fund.

The Vault International Bitcoin Fund - A NZ PIE Fund

The Vault International Bitcoin Fund (VIBF) is a PIE Fund based in New Zealand that allows you to access a Bitcoin tracking fund in a potentially tax-efficient way.

The VIBF will invest in offshore listed Bitcoin Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Vault Digital Funds makes investment decisions to ensure that returns closely track the price of Bitcoin, manages fees and provides further diversification through investing in multiple fund providers.

Why Invest in The Vault International Bitcoin Fund?

The Vault International Bitcoin Fund (VIBF) is taxed under the Fair Dividend Rate (FDR) methodology and is the first digital asset fund launched under the Vault Digital Funds registered scheme.

FundRock NZ Limited (FundRock NZ) is licensed as the manager of a registered scheme under the Financial Market Conduct Act 2013 and is the issuer and manager of the fund. Vault Digital Funds Limited is the investment manager for VIBF.

Vault Digital Funds
A NZ PIE Fund Investment Manager

Vault Digital Funds is the investment manager for VIBF, offering a simple, smart and trusted way for Kiwi investors to buy and invest in Bitcoin. This provides easy exposure to this dynamic new asset.


Vault offers a simple process via trusted retail partners offering managed funds in New Zealand without directly buying, storing, and safekeeping digital assets.


With Vaults PIE fund, investors are taxed using the Fair Dividend Rate (FDR) method. In contrast, when people invest directly in Bitcoin, all realised capital gains may be taxable.


The fund is a managed investment scheme regulated under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. The fund invests in underlying funds and ETFs listed on global share markets.

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How to Invest in the Vault International Bitcoin Fund?

Note that it is not possible to purchase the VIBF directly on the Vault website.

Click on the InvestNow link below, which will take you to one of our trusted retail distribution partners. Here, you can complete your investor registration, apply and buy Units in the Fund and add them to your investment portfolio.

How Do I Find Out More About Vault International Bitcoin Fund?

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