The Institutional Investor Digital Assets Study

Published February 9, 2022


Jack Neureuter, Research Analyst – Fidelity Digital Assets September 2021

The Fidelity Digital AssetsSM 2021 Institutional Investor Digital Assets Study covered a unique year – investors were confronted with a tumultuous election cycle in the U.S., Brexit coming into effect in Europe, and of course, a global pandemic.

From a broader capital markets perspective, the pandemic boosted some industries and hurt others. With much of the workforce remote, tech stocks soared to new all-time highs.

Other sectors, such as travel and hospitality, experienced significant challenges because of stay-at-home orders and social distancing mandates.

This year’s survey tracked institutional investors’ behavior in the face of an unprecedented health crisis and market turmoil, providing an exciting look at investors’ preferences and perceptions of digital assets at a crucial inflection point for the industry. The results show that the market conditions of 2020 were a catalyst for many investors.

For 44% of investors surveyed, it increased their likelihood of investing in digital assets, and for 40%, it had no impact. For the second year in a row, the survey found that European investors have a more progressive view towards digital assets than Americans when comparing the responses across all categories. Even so, Asian investors, who we surveyed for the first time this past year, are by far the most accepting of digital assets, with more than 70% of investors surveyed currently invested in digital assets.

Read the full study by Jack Neureuter, Research Analyst at Fidelity Digital Assets here.

This report was prepared by Fidelity Digital Assets and is not financial advice given by Vault Digital Funds.

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